workshops & online tutorials


  1. Raising public literacy about air pollution and related topics
  2. Enhancing public understandings of and facilitating potential actions for improving air quality
  3. Facilitating knowledge and new skill transfer while helping students to develop their project ideas
  4. Empowering youth for taking actions for cleaner air and healthier lifestyles


variety activities & online materials will be provided
to achieve the above goals:

(1) Seminar Series   |   (2) Guided Tours     |   (3) DIY Workshops   |   (4) Online Tutorials  



Seminar Series

Knowledge is power. HKUST-IENV is keen to facilitate public understanding towards air pollution and related issues. We will thus arrange a series of knowledge transfer seminars and invite professors, experts in the field and key opinion leaders to share their knowledge and insights with us.

Tentative Seminar topics included:

Air pollution 101 (Introducing basic air science and the related health risk information) 26 Nov 2021
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Meteorology, climate, and air Pollution (Let's get to know more about the relationship
between air pollution and meteorology, know how to predict air quality in the future)
19 Nov 2021
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The myth of ozone (Ozone could be good or bad. For the ground-level ozone, why is it so challenging
in coping with the global rising ozone levels which is health-threatening?)
Dec 2021
【Details TBC】
Air pollution policies -- different stories in the air, land, and sea (What are Hong Kong's
air pollution control policies, and how effective are they?)
Dec 2021
【Details TBC】
Environmental communication -- Art & Social Impact (We will share a few successful stories
how we could explain air pollution and attract public attention in non-scientific terms)
Dec 2021
【Details TBC】




DIY workshops

Knowledge and basic technology matter for our implementing our creative ideas。HKUST-IENV will arrange a series of hands-on workshops (e.g. developing your own air quality sensor or analyzing system) for students to facilitate their project development process.

Tentative workshops included:

  1. Mobile Apps developing integrating data science DIY workshops -- tracking air quality through your own mobile App【Details & Application】
  2. Air quality sensors DIY workshops -- to monitor real-time air quality【Tentatively in December 2021】
  3. Environmental chemistry DIY workshops -- to identify the average air quality within a period of time【Tentatively in December 2021】



Guided Tours

Specially arranged guided tours will be designed to inspire students to learn and think while visiting the various sites and facilities. Some tours will be curated by renowned green groups. They will share with students their valuable knowledge and hands-on experiences so as to further advance students' understanding and inspire their visions.

Potential visit locations included:

  1. Air quality monitoring station (HKUST Air Quality Research Supersite)
  2. Air quality monitoring station (Government's Air Quality Research Supersite)
  3. Air quality monitoring station (e.g. General Station at Wong Chuk Hang)
  4. Special visit : landfill gas technology
  5. Special visit : clean energy and smart grid system
  6. Special visit : zero carbon building and decarbonization facilities



Online tutorials

Online tutorials are offered to provide some air pollution basic knowledge and related technology information. Multi-media learning materials, including videos, PDF guidebooks or software files, will be produced to suit different learning purposes.

Online tutorials examples included:

  1. Useful video resources (also include videos from other sources) on air pollution formation, related health impacts, control policies, etc.
    Watch Videos
  2. Creative environmental projects related videos, e.g. multimedia communications, creative thinking, product design, etc.
  3. Recordings of (selected) knowledge-transfer seminars
  4. Recordings of (selected) guided tours
  5. Recordings of (selected) DIY workshops and/or PDF guidebooks